Monday, March 10, 2014.

I was looking back at what I posted just a month ago, on February 10th, and I saw that it was a Monday also. I didn’t post a whole lot, just that that was a one day for me. Its ironic, because March is a one month for me. The start of change, Beginnings, independence, becoming who I really am. New opportunities, experiences, goals, courage. Cant depend on anyone for happiness, have to rely on self. Project/ideas started three months ago, materialize, planting seeds, New start. I pray that all goes well for me this month, that I win the lottery, yea! The Mega Millions jackpot, so that I can start my new life, move into my new home, have my breast augmentation surgery and start seeing my kids on a regular basis. Did I mention that I turn the big 3-9 this month? So, what better time than ones birthday month to start Change? HMMMM?